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Location: Benger, Western Australia

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Here it lay, discarded in a rose bush hidden from the rest of the world.  Had she not been in the situation she would never have found it.  Thorny vines wrapped around the blade as if protecting it, and even as she tried to pry it from the bush, the thorns cut into her hand.  It must have been left here, forgotten for ages.  But now it was hers.  A glimmer of hope in this unforgiving place.  She had to give it a name.  Only one came to mind...
"Thorn." - T. Aucutt (USA), Excerpt From "Howl of the Wolf"

Length Overall: 93.8cm (37")
Blade Length: 72.6cm (28.6")
Weight: 1940g (4.2lb)
Grip Length: 11.6cm (4.5")
Guard Breadth: 19.5cm (7.7")
Blade Width: 4.8cm @ base > 2.2cm @ 10cm from tip.
Blade Thickness: 5.1mm @ base > 2.95mm @ 10cm from tip
Point of balance - 0cm (level with tips of leaves/ base of blade)
Centre o f Percussion: ~42cm from base of blade
Hilt Node of Percussion: 4.5cm (1.8") behind guard / end of grip
Blade: 9260 High Carbon Steel. Quenched in oil then Tempered twice to hardness ~ 50Rc
Grip: Poplar core with Chrome Tanned Kid Leather wrap
Hilt Furniture: Solid Bronze sculpture crafted by Jeffrey J Robinson
Stones: Corundum Ruby

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