Artist: Brendan Olszowy


Benger, Western Australia 6223

Mobile (Australia): 0411 470 663


Solveig translates literally as "Sun Strength", derived from Old Norse mythology. Sól is the Norse Sun Goddess, pulled across the sky on her chariot by her horses Arvak and Alsvid (represented in the brass insets in the pommel). She is Chased relentlessly by the wolf Sköll. Sometime Sköll almost catches her, giving us an eclipse.

This Langseax inspired blade is engraved with runes from the Elder Futhark spelling the Maori Proverb: "Turn your face to the sun, The shadows fall behind you". A spiritual metaphor.

Weight: 1180g (2lb 9oz)
Overall Length: 80cm (31.5”)
Blade Length: 62cm (24.4”)
Hilt Length: 18cm (7.1”)
Grip Length: 13.5cm (5.3”)
Point of Balance: 12cm (4.7”) from guard

Grip and Scabbard: Jarrah (Eucaylptus Marginata)
Blade: 9260 Spring Steel; Oil Quenched then tempered twice for hardness ~52Rc
Hilt Furniture: Steel with brass insets