Heirloom Quality Custom Swords

*If you'd like to purchase a completed item for sale, or have an idea for a special commission, please get in touch by clicking *Email Link* (brendan@fableblades.com)

My creations are high class items. This is due to the extreme levels of attention to detail which I put into each piece, which requires large amounts of time and skill invested, with love, on my behalf. This is not a scarifice for me, it's what I love to do and my gift to the world. Please understand that acquisition of my creations will require an equivalent investment from you. Then please expect to recieve the culmination of a lifelong journey, embodied in the creation of your unique items, while I strive to exceed your expectations.

Swords: As a ballpark guide most of my swords range between $2,500 to $5,000 USD (3-6K Au$) before adding scabbard work, which usually ranges from $1,000 to $2500 USD, depending on inclusions.
Athames: for a full athame and sheath kit you may allow $1000-1500 USD.
Wands: May range from $200 to $500

Payment methods/ Fees
*Bank Transfer is preferred with no surcharge/fee if made from within Australia. International transfers attract a $15fee per transfer. Account details available upon request.
*Paypal is also acceptable; provided payer sends the paypal transaction as 'Family and Friends' and accept the fees, or add 3% for fees charged by paypal at my end.

I recommend purchasing extra insurance cover with your postage. I won't be held responsible for replacing or refunding missing or damaged items which are not covered by insurance. Though I do package my work with their survival in mind, with sturdy protection. My liability will be limited to insurance returns only.
*Where do I ship? I work with clients all over the world, pretty much any country where sword ownership is legal and import protocols are not prohibitive.
*Packaging: I usually pack swords in a tailor made timber box.

Terms and Conditions of Quotes and Purchases:
*Please note: by undertaking to commission or purchase a sword from me you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, and my indemnity disclaimer (below):

Available (FOR SALE) Pieces:
*When I first advertise a piece for sale I will give priority to the first person to contact me offering full asking price. Acceptable contact may be via Email, Forums or Facebook Private Messaging or public posting. The earliest time stamped full offer will be given priority and so forth should the first offer fall through.

*30 days terms are acceptable upon payment of 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of securing the order. Payment/ shipping info above.

Commissioned Work:
*Any prices discussed during email corespondence will be honored for orders placed, and with initial payment paid, within 30 days of the quote date.

  • Minimum 50% of my fee, Non-refundable initial payment is to be made at the date of the purchase agreement (booking). You'll be contacted before the commencement of work to make sure you're in a position to proceed.
    The balance is to be payed at the time of completion of the works; expected around one month from the commencement of works.
  • Finalisation of the balance is to be made at or before the time of completion of work.
  • Payments may be made more frequently than this schedule, and early completion of payments are likely to result in earlier shipping of your piece.
  • Should unforeseeable circumstances arise and the purchaser (my client) not be able to complete the purchase agreement please contact Fable Blades immediately to discuss a possible extension or alternative payment schedule.
  • If money is owed, and Fable Blades hasn’t been contacted for further payment arrangements, and the time period for finalisation of your account (7 days from completion of works) expires; the agreement will be deemed breached. Moneys paid will not be refundable, and the sword (or other commissioned piece) will be offered for sale.
  • If you cancel your booked order for an unmade commission after 7 days from booking, for any reason, then the initial deposits are not refundable and forfeit.
  • Prompt communications are very important for my work. If emails (my preferred communication method) aren't replied to in a timely fashion then I reserve the right to move onto another job. (For example I may be half way through making a sword and have a question about an inscription, leather colours etc- If I can't finish the job without feedback. I will move onto another job, and come back to complete the piece when practical for me.)

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