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Location: Benger, Western Australia
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In Nomine Domine (In the Name of the Lord) - an inscription found on many excavated knightly swords from the high Middle Ages. A knight in the holy land puts his faith in the Lord for victory, survival, and for forgiveness of the horror in which he finds himself. His cruciform sword is his icon to pray upon before battle, and after. The Cross Potent on the pommel is not directional so will not be upturned in anti-christian fashion when the sword is wielded.

The Blade of this sword is ingraved with the holy trinity: "Patris, Filii, Spiritus Sancti", and three Crosses Potent.

Weight: 1260g (2lb 12oz)
Overall Length: 935mm (36.8”)
Blade Length: 763mm (30”)
Grip Length: 104mm (4.1”)
Guard Breadth: 172mm (6.8”)
Blade Breadth: At Shoulder:  54mm (2.12”) > Below Flare: 43mm (1.7”) > Before point: 28mm (1.1”)
Blade Thickness: At Shoulder 6mm (0.236”) > 2” from tip 3.3mm (0.129”)
Point Of Balance: 95mm (2.75”) from shoulder
Centre of Percussion: ~ 50cm (19.7”) from shoulder
Hilt Node of Percussion: Centre of Grip
Blade: 9260 High Carbon Spring Steel. Oil Quenched then Tempered Twice for hardness ~ 52Rc.
Guard and Pommel: Antiqued Brass



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