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(Sharp Flame)

Aegnor was a lord or the Noldor Elves. He was terrible in battle seemingly having a fire in his eyes. His sword was as a flickering tongue of flame; taking such immediate flight it was visible only after it had already passed. He fell in love with Andreth after seeing her reflection in the blue lake Aeluin, but was killed before he was able to marry, as marriage was banned during the Siege of Angband.

Weight: 1350g (2lb 15oz )
Length O/All: 1120mm (44")
Length of Blade: 790mm (31")
Length of Grip: 275mm (10.75")
Width of Blade: 49mm (1.93") at flare
Thickness of Blade: 6mm (0.236") at base > 5mm (0.196") at middle > 3.4mm (0.133") at 3" behind tip.
Point of Balance: 32mm (1.25" )
Centre of Percussion: ~ 42cm (16.5") from guard.
Hilt Node of Percussion: ~ 9cm (3.5") behind guard
Blade: 9260 Spring Steel; Oil Quenched and then tempered twice to hardness ~54Rc.
Hilt Furniture: Brass ground from Billet
Timber: Purple Heart (Peltogyne Paniculata)



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