Craftsperson: Brendan Olszowy
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Location: Benger, Western Australia

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Hi, my name is Brendan Olszowy. 'Fable Blades' is the makers mark for my art.
I mostly make Custom Swords, Scabbards, Athame, and Wands. All my art is designed for beauty of form, while not sacrificing durability and function, and drawing from a respect for historical principles.

This webpage is primarily a portfolio of my work, with limited pieces available to purchase. Galleries can be found at the various links to the left and right.

I personally Hand Make all my pieces at my home in Western Australia. They are one of a kind pieces direct from the Artist. They are built lovingly with close attention to detail and fully functional. All my swords are one of a kind and by commission only. I don't replicate my past pieces, making original work to suit each client.

You can visit my About Page for more about how my swords are made, and the fellow making them.

Purchasing Information, Terms and Conditions can be found *here*

Please, check out my Creations For Sale here, and follow me on Facebook to see my latest offerings and learn more about what I do.

Viking Sword



While swords are great display ornaments and an appreciable tool of martial art, they are not toys, and must be handled with the same attention and care one would give a loaded gun. Unlike guns swords do not have a safety switch. Keep them stored safely away from children or the infirm. Practical use must be well clear of other people, pets, kids or any other living being. Never handle weapons when intoxicated. Know your local laws regarding sword possession and storage. Never use them in cutting drills until you have first become proficient through qualified person to person tuition. Books are helpful education but personal tuition is necessary to safely learn to handle a sword.

Despite the impression given in movies and books, swords are, through ongoing use and shock, or mis-use and mistake, subject to fatigue and failure. They cannot "chop steel", or concrete pillars, or other swords, nor pary with the edge. They're not used to chop trees, or dead bone either. The sword as a tool was designed solely to cut and pierce people. Swords and scabbards need to be strictly maintained to protect their integrity and keep them performing. The steel can be fatigued through frequent use, and should be closely inspected as part of ongoing maintenence.

I will not be responsible for any injury or death that occurs during the ownership of use of these blades, including that which may be inflicted on the user, surrounding people, pets, or property, for any reason or accident whatsoever which may occur.

You must be over 18 and take the time to learn the legal requirements of blade ownership in your area, so we can respect them. I will not be responsible for any legal or tax implications that may affect weapon ownership or possession in your area.

By purchasing a sword from me (Brendan Olszowy) you are representing that you will use the sword in a lawful manner, and that you are of a lawful age. You also represent that you understand the risks involved and agree to indemnify me and hold me harmless and waive any right to hold me legally liabile or responsibility for any loss, injury, death or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or costs and expenses, including attorney fees, relating to or arising out of any claim asserted by you against me.

*Please note that all film and literature inspired blades are made one-off for fan art purposes, and not a licenced or authorised product. No further copies of any of my work are offered for sale.



*For Sorrows

*Dance of the Marsh Wader
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*Fi - Spirit within the Sword

*Prayer to Týr
Two Handed Viking Sword
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